Some of the League's teams will be hosted by universities with Division IA football programs and other teams will play in independent venues. Any university with a Division IA football program will be eligible to apply to host a League team.

The League is committed to helping graduation rates improve. This is a rich ambition that includes other student-athletes and students, not just football players. The League believes that its educational mission and those of the host universities will be well served by the League's educational and eligibility policies

Host fees from the League will partially reimburse universities for the considerable investment made in their athletic facilities. Not all universities will be able to host a team. Likewise, some schools may be members of conferences without any host schools. Regardless, graduates of such programs could occupy roster spots in the League.

Communities will also enjoy economic benefits, as each home game will bring dollars into the local community in the form of increased hotel, restaurant, memorabilia, and other hospitality-related sales.